Boarding & Grooming
shop now open for your
Going on a trip or a vacation & can
not take your dog with you
I will watch him for you.
My boarding kennels are climate controlled.

They can run free in a fully fenced yards with other pups or if
they are shy they can be in a limited area.

Call for reservations 503-787-8096.
Daily rate -$19.95
Weekly rates $17.95 a day.
Special deals for my Basset Hound owners who have
bought puppies from me.
''Where I treat your dog like family."

Does your pup need a bath or a hair cut?
I can do that for your pup.
Pup in the tub
Bath, brush, nails, ears & anal gland.
many shampoo's to choose from.
** if there are flea's then we use flea shampoo.

Pup & Dew
Bath, brush, nails, ears, anal glands & a doggie dew of
your choice.
** if there are flea's then we use flea shampoo.
All dogs go home with a bow or a neck scarf unless you
request not to have one.
I take my time with the dogs so, they do not get stressed out.
Call for a price & appointment
503 787-8096 or 503-917-1334
Depends on the size & condition of your pup.

Single Treatments
Nail trims or dremel - $5.00
Anal gland express - $5.00
Ear cleaning - $5.00
Call 503-787-8096
I also have a showcase
Full of goodies for your pup.
Doggie Blanket
Doggie jackets & PJ's
Doggie scarfs
Doggie overnite Purses
"All hand made with love from grandma"